Working with some of the industry's leading publishers and content providers, netframes develops applications that educate students, inform prospects, and introduce new products and services.

Currently released applications include titles for Mayo Clinic, GAIAM Americas Inc., American Association of Health-System Pharmacists, Columbia University Press, QuickPro Camera Guides, MEDCOM, Green Building Education Services, Blue Crane Digital, JumpStart Camera Guides, Karl Taylor Photography, Supreme Bar Review and the Culinary Institute of America. We have released over 300 paid applications on Apple, Google Play and HP Web OS App Stores to date, with many more platforms and applications to come.

Netframes was founded by a team of designers, programmers and publishers. Our goal is to deliver on the enormous potential of mobile digital education and training. Mobile platforms provide consumers with immediate access to valuable content; for publishers and other content owners, we provide a vital digital publishing channel in what has become a rapidly expanding market.

Located in the Flatiron district in New York City, netframes is a privately held corporation.